How Betller works

What are the types of betting you provide?
Betller gives you access to Person-vs-Person (P2P) betting on financial markets.
Can I bet on the rise or fall of the BTC?
Yes. Betller is a betting platform that lets you speculate on the price movement of BTC/USDT.
How much can I win?
Your winnings are completely dependent on the amount of your bet and the amount of bets of the users against whom you are betting.
What should I do to win?
You must correctly predict the the price change relative to the base price. The degree to which you are right or wrong determines your profit or loss in BTC.
How is the Locked Price determined?
Every minute, the BTC/USDT rate is fixed at the current price at Binance exchange ( and is assigned the status Locked Price.
How much time do I have to place a bet?
Within 1 minute interval, we accept bets on the current round.
Can I cancel my bet(s)?
Any user's bet is considered a final bet and can not be canceled.
I made a bet, but the round was canceled.
If you place a bet, but none of the users placed at least one bet against yours, or if the Base and Last prices coincide, such a current betting round is considered incomplete and the funds are returned to your account.
How long does it take to find out the results of the round?
The time of all rounds is always 5 minutes from the start of accepting bets. At 'Round history' you can check the start and end times of each betting round.
I won, when the funds will be credited to my account?
The distribution of prize money occurs automatically on the winner's accounts.
Does the platform have a commission?
The platform automatically debited 5% of each user win.
Can I bet on the rise and fall of price movement in one round?
If you place such bets, your account may be suspended.