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What is Betller? add_circle_outline
Betller is a P2P betting platform that offers you to bet on the price movement of BTC/USDT market. If you bet on a correct trend you win BTC from losing users.
What is PvP betting? add_circle_outline
PvP (Person-vs-Person) betting model allows Betller users to bet against each other without the presence of an intermediary broker or traditional bookmakers. PvP betting model is fairer than any casino/traditional betting etc.
Online PvP betting is not allowed in my country. Can I join your platform? add_circle_outline
According to our terms, you are responsible for any consequences arising out of non-compliance with the laws.
Do I need to pay taxes for my profits from Betller? add_circle_outline
User acknowledges and accepts the responsibility for the payment of all taxes and fees which may arise from the performance of Online P2P Betting.
How to register on Betller? add_circle_outline
To get started, you may simply create your account with your e-mail by filling out the registration form and submitting it online. As part of the registration process, user shall have to choose a username and password for the user’s login into the website.
How do I fund my account? add_circle_outline
First you need to log in to your Betller account. After you have logged in to your account, you can access the 'my account menu' by clicking on the account icon on the upper right-hand side of the page. Select the 'My Wallets' menu item and you can see a personal deposit address. You will be able to transfer bitcoin (BTC) to this address. Your deposit will be credited after 1 confirmation by the bitcoin network.
How much bitcoins do I need to start betting? add_circle_outline
The minimum deposit amount is 0.0001 BTC or 1 BTLLR. The minimum bet amount is 0.00001 BTC or the equivalent of BTLLR coins.
What is your KYC policy? add_circle_outline
Betller does not require users to provide Know-Your-Customer (KYC) details or go through approvals of any kind. Platform allows users to keep their names and identity fully secret.
How to start betting? add_circle_outline
Click on the 'hamburger icon' on the upper right-hand side of the page and select 'How to start betting' menu item.
What is your withdrawal policy? add_circle_outline
Users can request a withdrawal from their accounts at any particular time point. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002 BTC or 5000 BTLLR coins. The withdrawal commission is 0.0003 BTC or 5 BTLLR. In some cases, withdrawal has to be manually confirmed by the service. Betller reserves the right to do this and as a result, those withdrawals can take up to 12 hours.
How to do deposit with a credit/debit card? add_circle_outline
Betller was based entirely on cryptocurrency but you can also make a deposit from your card. Click on the 'hamburger icon' on the upper right-hand side of the page and select 'Depositing By Credit or Debit Card' menu item. Here you will find all details to deposit funds by credit or debit card on your account.
Which cryptocurrencies do you support? add_circle_outline
Currently, we support Bitcoin (BTC) and Betller Coin (BTLLR). More cryptocurrencies can be added in the future.
Do you have a mobile app? add_circle_outline
We don't have mobile app, but our web version runs flawlessly on mobile or tablet devices. Both default browsers on iOS and Android (Safari and Chrome) allow you to load the mobile version to access all the tools of Betller platform.
Can I cancel a withdrawal request? add_circle_outline
Pending withdrawal requests can not be canceled. If you want to cancel your withdrawal request, you should immediately contact us via email [email protected]
Are my funds at safe? add_circle_outline
Betller operates a cold storage policy that includes the most proven and secure wallet architecture. For security reasons, we try to keep about 95% of our customers funds in cold offline wallets out of reach of software hackers. Hot wallets funds are used only to process withdrawals quickly.
I can't log into my account. Can you help? add_circle_outline
Please click 'Forget Password' on the login screen to reset your password, and we’ll send you a password reset link. If this is a recurring issue, you can contact us on the right-hand side of this page or via e-mail [email protected]
Can I get paid to promote Betller? add_circle_outline
We have referral program, which offers you a great opportunity to make extra money. You will forever receive 25% commission from every user you refer. All you need is to copy the referral link and send it to your friends. You will find your referral link on the profile menu.
What are the Betller chat rules? add_circle_outline
Please be kind and friendly, NO personal attack, accusation, harassment, sexism, racism, or general malicious behavior. Don’t flood/spam, we would like to maintain a clear chat.
How can I report a bug? add_circle_outline
If you found a bug or you have a suggestion, we want to hear it! Please reach out to our support team via right-hand side of this page or e-mail us at [email protected]
How can I cooperate with Betller? add_circle_outline
If you have popular YouTube channel, blog about crypto, finances or betting, you have a great opportunity to earn additional referral rewards! Please e-mail us at [email protected]
I not receiving emails from Betller. Can you help? add_circle_outline
First, check the spam folder in your email inbox. Whitelist Betller email address - [email protected] Check this guide -